From Mother to Son


It was your birthday,

The day you were born

No words could be spoken

What could I say?

This bond couldn’t be broken

There just was no way

When you first smiled

I couldn’t speak

Amazed at your wonder

In your crib I would peek

I was your mother

Your passage to life

Yet, I did not know you

Like husband and wife

You took in your own world

Stayed close to mine

I watched you with wanting

What would you find?

Joy everlasting

Love and your way

Keeping an eye

While not blocking the way

I couldn’t tell you

All that would come

I just watched as you reached

Far from my womb

A mother cannot let go

How hard tho’ they try

They only pretend

While keeping an eye

Guiding and hoping

That one day you’ll see

The words kept and spoken

Were just meant to be

Light on the path to your future

The safe road ahead

There is no way to tell you

Now that you’re gone

How hard that I tried

To be the right one

The one who could love you

And let you be free

To live your life fully

But able to see

That I was put on this earth for you

For eternity

And now there is silence

Since you’ve gone away

No music can help me

No words can one say

For you are my baby

My love and my heart

And now you’ve been taken

How do I start?

To tell you I’m sorry

My words didn’t heal

The burden you carried

The way you did feel

I’m hoping the wind

Will find you for me

And tell you I miss you

And how hard I tried

There are no more words now

Just how hard I’ve cried.

4 thoughts on “From Mother to Son

  1. joni rescigno on said:

    So beautifully written, saying everything I also feel. Ian is also buried beside my Mom and Dad whom he loved with all his heart.

    Thank you for expressing what I didn’t know how to say, for Sean from you, and to Ian, from me.

    With all my love,

    Joan Harper Rescigno

    • Mariana on said:

      Sorry I don’t have any links for you but I did read a very interesting meidcal study a few years ago about chronic alcoholism in the father causing a higher incidence of autism in his children than the general healthy population.So, its not just the mother’s healthy while carrying the fetus. There is an actual study about how the dna of male sperm is affected by alcoholism, drug abuse and exposure to harmful chemicals over a lifetime.

  2. David Hughes on said:


    This is very touching. I know your heart must still be bleeding. I can only imagine the pain that you must fill. As a parent of my own two special need sons, I sometimes get scared of the future. No one knows what life will bring. We can only pray and have faith that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes.

    May the Lord Bless You and Give You Peace

    • admin on said:

      Thank you for your kind words. Having two sons with special needs must be very challenging, and yet. I know it is rewarding as well. Children with special needs tend to be special. I have to agree…. the only thing that keeps me going is the hope that there is more than what I can see. So many “coincidences” happen, though, that I am convinced that Sean is still here, working his magic.

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